5 Ways to Be More Productive When You Work From Home

December 2, 2018

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Working from home is hard work. Yes, you may be able to do it in your PJs, but without the structure and organization to get tasks done, your ability to actually work from home diminishes. FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics report nearly 4 million Americans work from home at least half of the time, which is a 115% increase since 2005. Finding success in the work-from-home-market takes strategy, so we’re sharing out top five tips on how to be more productive (even on your couch).

1. Build a morning routine: Build a set of habits that you do each morning. It not only structures the most important part of your day, but it’s your mental cue that it’s time to begin the workday. Our list for your inspo:

  • Wake up at 5 a.m. (Harvard biologist Christoph Randler discovered that early risers are more proactive)
  • Hydrate with some water
  • Get moving – spin class, anyone?
  • Make your bed
  • Shower
  • Read something motivational
  • Look at your calendar
  • Begin the day 

2. Schedule Phone Time: The average American adult spends nearly three hours on their smartphone each day. Don’t allow constant text messages or TMZ alerts to reduce your work time. Put the phone away and schedule breaks to get your Snapchat on.

3. Create a dedicated workspace: You don’t have to have an entire room filled with the latest gadgets to work from home, but you do need a dedicated space. Go for space that has limited noise but plenty of sunlight to keep you alert.

Pro Tip: Don’t be frugal on your office chair. You want something that’s comfortable and will last. Test it out before you buy. This will be one of your most important home office purchases.

4. Keep a schedule: Whether you opt for an online project management system like Asana to keep you organized or you take it old school with a desk calendar, keeping a schedule will help you stay ahead of deadlines. Working from home presents a challenge when it comes to creating a work – home life balance, so keeping a schedule will prevent late night assignments and unexpected weekend work.

5. Schedule non-work appointments outside of work: When you’re scheduling personal appointments – like the doctor, dentist, or parent-teacher conference, make it for the first or last part of your day. Attending a meeting mid-day can throw your productivity off and make it difficult to get back into work mode.

Pro Tip: Use this same mindset when it comes to friends “dropping in.” Working from home isn’t the same as hanging out at home. If friends stop by unexpectedly, let them know you have an upcoming deadline and plan for a weekend get-together.

Remember that working from home doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Make a clear divide between your professional and personal time and delegate tasks to other members of your team when you can. What tips do you recommend to maximize your work-from-hours? Comment below and let us know.


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