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How to 3x Your

The Elevated System

Systems are going to scale your business into the six-figure success you envisioned when you dove fearlessly into entrepreneurship. 

You started your business out of a passion. You want to be your own boss. But the 12-hour days and 6-day weeks are making that corporate cubicle look like an extended vacation on the white-sand beaches of Bora Bora. You DESERVE the payoff of having the intelligence and courage to start your own biz, and I can help you get it by adjusting just two hours in your workday.

Business systems is the spruced up techy name for complete digital organization, step-by-step processes, consistent work quality, problem-free lead management, and…yeah, laptop-free dinners with your overly-patient better half.

You were right. Owning your own business is hard…but not late night, no vaca, side-eye-glances-from-your-partner hard. 

What could you create, transform or accomplish if you removed yourself from the daily tedious tasks and made-from-scratch projects in your business and had 10+ hours returned to you each week?

Make-or-break question for action-taking entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch the 12-hour workday and slay their biz like a CEO boss:

Swipe my ENTIRE system for scaling your business and attracting the high-end ideal clients you’ve dreamed about. One decision can change the entire course of your business.

Take a vacation (or at least confidentially close your laptop at 5 p.m.) and still make money.

Develop a clear and direct vision for your business that allows you to delegate daily tasks.

Meet client deadlines before they expire and have time to take on new clients to grow revenue.

Build the streamlined, six-figure business a fierce CEO deserves.

Learn to scale your business so you can generate more revenue which means you’re growing your business rather than managing it.

There’s Now A Solution: The Elevated SYSTEM

Let’s Transform My Biz!

The Elevated System is about implementing and building the systems that are best for your business. Anyone can sign up for the latest online craze of work and team organization, but it’s going to take much more than that to shift your business from scattered to systemized, and I’ve got your step-by-step plan.


It is absolutely possible for you to run the well-organized, profit-churning business you planned for yourself. The Elevated System gets you there much faster and with far fewer days of playing catch-up and comparing yourself to the have-it-all-together biz owners.

That lingering feeling of an overwhelming Monday morning that hits around 2 a.m. on a Saturday…yeah, it’s not going anywhere without a change. Systemization is about so much more than the latest do-it-for-you platform or color-coded calendar. 

So many clients have come to me on the brink of quitting, thinking they didn’t have what it takes to be the bold, decision-making business owner they envisioned. But, honey, they were wrong.

The thought of Setting up and implementing business systems takes SO.MUCH.BRAINPOWER. 

But you can’t afford not to scour, systemize, and scale your biz... 

Profit is the product of strategic planning. Learn how to make time for planning the success of your business. 

Walk through the importance of creating and following through with your business Mission and Vision.(And yes, there’s a HUGE difference) The Mission Statement Workbook and Vision Planning Workbook will guide you through this process.

Create action steps toward achieving your vision by building an annual plan, setting quarterly goals, and developing weekly objectives.

Motivation is the force behind success but understanding and acing the logistics is how success grows to six-figures.

 Plan for Profit

module 1

module 2

Tasks + Systems

Gain back hours a day when you systemize recurring tasks and learn how to step out of the tedious tasks that weigh down your day.

Learn how to select the right systems for your business. From bookkeeping to content calendars, you’ll understand which systems will give you the biggest return.

Use the Fillable Recurring Task List Workbook to identify those minimal return tasks that need to be outsourced or delegated.

Understand how to customize automation. It’s possible to use templates without losing your unique brand touches on documents and client engagement. 

Purge the outdated digital files you don’t use, the ones you started and never finished, and the templates you downloaded but didn’t customize.

Use our downloadable zip file to establish and set up your Google Drive system. 

Create a file storage system that makes document retrieval and sharing simple.  

Streamline how you save documents with an organized approach to your digital file cabinet.

Systemized File Storage

module 3

Stop rewriting onboarding emails with each new client or using mass emails to communicate with your team.

Learn how to set up and systemize Slack, a rockstar communication tool for internal chats, private messages, and file sharing.

Implement different channels for each client and create a private communication channel. Use the Communication Comparison Chart to find other channels to fit your business. 

Use canned email responses and learn how to establish them in your inbox to systemize communication and save hours each week.

Communication + Scheduling Systems

module 4

Operations and Project Management Tools are the one-two punch to systemizing your entire business!

Implement Clickup in your business and use color-coded templates to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Learn how to use the Clickup hierarchy chart to establish the project management platform in your business. 

Establish systems and tasks for your email marketing platform, blog content, website maintenance, and social media management.

 Manage Up With ClickUp

module 5

Fill out the SWOT analysis to determine the strengths of your business and where your approach falls in your niche. 

Develop a strategic unique selling point based on the opportunities you build on the SWOT analysis.

Use client pitch templates to make evaluation and onboarding an easier, quicker process. 

Learn how to use social media, in-person networking, and other digital platforms to find new clients.

Finding Clients System

module 6

Stop chasing leads through Facebook groups and establish a systemized lead pipeline so you don’t miss the opportunity for new clients.

Create and implement lead intake forms that help you evaluate if the prospect is a good fit.

Automate lead intake forms so you don’t have to stop working with current clients to follow up with prospects.

Use lead follow up templates to filter objections, questions, and determine where in the sales funnel your prospect falls.

Lead Management System

module 7

Create a client welcome packet to launch your systemized lead pipeline.

Learn how to conduct a Kickoff Call Meeting to quickly determine if the prospect if a good fit for your services.

Use lead intake forms to launch the client file in your organized Google Drive.

Establish communication systems and boundaries with your new client so you’re not spending hours a week responding to one-off emails.

Client Onboarding + Management System

module 8

Learn how to successfully offboard a client without lingering awkwardness or a never-ending email chain.

Establish a client offboarding packet that reviews work completed and thanks the client for their partnership.

Use a testimonial request guide to ask clients to off a referral in the form of a video or statement you can use on your website. 

Offer next service step options with clear pricing so clients understand the first portion or your working partnership is complete. 

Client Offboarding System

module 9

Learn how to make business decisions based on data from a variety of analytical platforms.

Open a Google Analytics account and tracks data from the platform, partnered with analytics from your email marketing system, in our Airtable Metrics Sheet.

Create marketing campaigns based on customer habits and engagement profiles.

Earn more money by using data-driven decisions that give you the highest ROI for each marketing, internal, and client-facing action.

 Systemize Metrics To Scale Your Biz

module 10

Gain a thorough understanding of what a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is and how it will help scale your biz.

Take inventory of the main areas of your business, and create SOPs for the most common recurring tasks.

Use our Clickup template and SOP creation manual to write out your own SOP guide and store it in your neatly organized Google Drive.

Learn how to implement and maintain the SOPs in your business as you expand, gain new team members, and onboard new clients.

SOP Systems For Scaling

module 11

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inside the course, you'll find...

— Ashely G, Life + Business Coach

I am sooooo lucky to have found you! You have helped us up-level and we call your systems "7-FIGURE SYSTEMS"
For real that is how we refer to them. It is because of you I have the dream team!

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Stop equating your income to your hustle. If hustling were cash, you’d have a couple more commas in your check. Learn to love running your business again with The Elevated System.

Being busy isn’t the same as being productive. It doesn’t matter how many hours you dedicate to your business if it isn’t growing.

You’re hustling hard but your bank account is flatlining. You deserve the income that comes with automation and systems. 

You’re turning away business because you have no time left in the day to onboard clients. Upgrade your operations with systems that work.

Work quality doesn’t fluctuate with automation. It fluctuates with a lack of sleep, time, and clarity. 

Why You Can No Longer Afford A Scattered WorkFlow

- Ashley G, Life + Biz Coach

"Like is the really my own business? I cannot believe you were able to help me build something like this that's so functional!"


- Frannie M, FB Ads Agency

"You have really thought of every little detail and how to make it systemized. I wish I could express how much I appreciate being able to take an idea and just turn it into magic so quickly!"

"wow! this is literally amazing!"

- Kate M, Health + Fitness Coach

"Seeing all these amazing tools and how much this have done for me. I don't think I could be happier with everything. You are making this so easy! I feel proud to provide this structure to my team! Cannot thank you enough!"


TES teaches you how to give up the 12-hour days and increase your income. Create cash flow while you’re on vaca, sleeping, or managing new leads.


TES teaches you how to scale your business and stop doing everything from scratch. Automation can be awesome when it’s done correctly and that’s the only way we’ll do it.


TES teaches you how to make systems work for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a graphic artist or luxury travel blogger, you can systemize your scattered thoughts, docs, and deadlines with my method.


My mission is to help you scale your business into a six-figure success led by a standout CEO (yeah, that’s you!)

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45+ interactive videos walking you through each system  

11 Modules of The Scattered to Scalable Method

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You have the drive and experience to succeed, but you’re stuck in the minutia of the day.

The Elevated System is for the coffee poured, game face on, ready to shake up the industry CEO who knows there’s more to late nights and weekends than responding to client emails.

This program has the power to drastically change the course of your business. Are you ready?

You have ideas that can drastically grow your business. 


It’s impossible to scale your business or delegate projects because the process for each task is in your head.

Each new client means starting the onboarding process (and every project thereafter) from scratch.

You’re no-time-for-lunch busy nearly everyday but your cash flow is a constant flatline.

The exhausted entrepreneur who needs a paint-by-number system implementation to finally stop worrying about all.the.things in your biz.

who is this for?

I’m Courtney – your resource for developing highly sought-after systems needed to break free from the chaos of daily tasks and move into the CEO position you deserve. For the past two years, I’ve coached startup and small business owners whose companies have been featured in Business Insider, Forbes and other top publications, to streamline their businesses and establish highly effective Standard Operating Procedures.

How do I know better is possible? In December 2017, I stepped away from a life of corporate commitment and turned my side hustle of Online Business Management into my 9-to-5. Two years later, I’m sharing my six-figure secrets with you!

Being the business owner you dreamed of is a matter of stepping out of the chaos and creating a systemized approach to your recurring tasks. If you’re ready to get hours back in your day and shift your focus to business growth rather than business survival, this is your webinar and I’m your coach!

Courtney Davis is an online business expert to highly driven entrepreneurs 

Meet the founder!

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best value

One payment of $1497

Private Facebook Group + Community Support

Weekly Live Q+A's

Monthly Remote Coworking Sessions

30+ Custom Templates + Resources Library

45+ interactive videos walking you through each system  

11 Modules of The Scattered to Scalable Method

TES pay in full

join The elevated system

get started for $258 

6 monthly payments of $258

Private Facebook Group + Community Support

Weekly Live Q+A's

Monthly Remote Coworking Sessions

30+ Custom Templates + Resources Library

45+ interactive videos walking you through each system  

11 Modules of The Scattered to Scalable Method

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