It’s time for an intervention.

When you look at the landscape of your day, where is all your time going? Are you starting the day earlier and working later? The majority of your time is getting sucked into minute tasks and project management just to ensure deadlines are met and invoices paid. 

Between spreadsheets and checklists, you forgot how fulfilling it is to see your business grow under your leadership. You lost the vision that gave you the confidence to even launch in the first place. The work didn’t get harder, you just started taking more of it on. Tasks can’t be assigned unless you sign off. The budget doesn’t get met unless you balance it. And somehow, you’re also responsible for ordering the office coffee supply. You’re starting to feel like you’re surviving your business rather than running it.

The scenario you envisioned - the ideal day where you’re embedded into the heart of your business and turning future plans into reality - is still possible. Your passion is still there and your goals possible. You just need support to become refocused on what ignited your determination before the week was nothing more than unorganized paperwork and rushed work orders to complete projects.

You started this business with a passion, and as time dredges on, you find yourself living for the weekend - and even then, you work.

Meeting your goals and making your business a major success doesn’t take an overhaul. Begin where you are. The answers are simple, but it will take work - something you know a lot about.

Automation of your outbound invoices, systems that track specific tasks for each project, and calendars that keep your team members on the same page are the missing elements to a wavering business. Digital tools that eliminate the stacks of paperwork do more than clear your desk - they give you back your life.

You’ve seen the business owner who spends weekends with family, holidays traveling, and summer months on beaches you didn’t know existed. The only difference between you and that lifestyle, is systemization that adds hours back to your day, days back to your week, and memories back to your life. 

Take your Business Back. 

Take Your Life Back.

Having an overview of all of the things happening in your business so they can be planned ahead of time and you and your team can structure their day 

Just imagine...

Having more time doing what you love AND doing things to make you more money which allows you to grow your biz, earn more, and have less tasks on your plate

Having all of the admin, management, and backend tasks that make the business run are offloaded to your team and managed by your OBM

Having a detailed job onboarding system and a built out SOP & training video vault to use for team training purposes

what if you could have success on

Don’t allow waiting to become a habit.

You’re here because you know it’s time for a change. Our Online Business Management team can take your brand and turn it into the business you envision, not the business you micro-manage. It’s time to get out of your own way and take action, because potential is overrated. We help clients grow their business by:

your terms?

Oversee project management

Manage daily operations.

Track & manage daily tasks of your team

We Help Clients Grow Their Business By:

I Want That!

Get Your Day Back

If you find yourself lost in each day pulling together projects that are behind deadline and can’t find the point where everything got off course, this service is for you. Refocus on growing your business and we’ll meet the deadlines.

Project Management

What's  Included:

Stop Meeting To Plan Meetings

Checking in with two or more employees daily to ensure projects are on schedule or product launch campaigns are underway is stealing time from your day. Stop having meetings about future meetings and let us keep the team on track.

Team Management 

Stop Reinventing The Wheel

If you recreate a business proposal for every prospect or train each new employee differently than the last, it’s time to get back a huge portion of your time. Creating and automating systems will save you time, money, and one big paperwork headache.

Systems Creation & Automation

I'm All In!

You launched a business because you knew it was the gateway to the lifestyle and enjoyment you want. You launched a business because your family deserves more of you than a corporate-driven cubicle tenant who feels guilty to use paid time off. 

Create the memories you’re missing.
Spend evenings and weekend with family and friends.

Create the memories you’re missing.
Spend evenings and weekend with family and friends.

I recognize the passion you have to succeed, and I can help you achieve those goals. I don’t come into your business to take it over, I help make the processes of everything easier.

Project and team management, to-do lists, inventory management and client communication - it all becomes simplified under my systemization tools. How to delegate the tasks you should have never been doing means you don’t miss anymore long weekends away. Digital project management tools mean you don’t schedule meetings to see when’s a good time for everyone to attend another meeting.

I bring organization into your business and you walk away with time, peace of mind, memories, and the success you desire. Let’s launch your restart today. Here’s how we do it…

the business + life of your dreams

You deserve to have

This Is For You If...

let me tell ya about the PEOPLE We serve!

There’s a need for organization in your business & team.

A lack of systems means you’re constantly recreating work.

Post it notes of “to-do lists” line your calendar.

Delegating work is not your strong suite.

Too much time is spent managing your team rather than leading it.

You’re unable to step away from work for personal time.

Let's dive in.

I Need That!

You are ready to make BIG waves in your life or business. 

You're ready to OWN your own power.

You want to run a biz that has a system for everything


Who You Are...

Praise Hands

"...we absolutely adore her & highly recommend working with her!"

"Courtney was an absolute joy to have on our team, particularly during large product launches. She’s incredibly positive, collaborative & supportive of other team members & presents herself professionally, which made her loved by our community & customers!
As a team member, she’s extremely dedicated to completing the tasks at hand & will treat your business as if it’s her own, which is a rare quality to find! Courtney is extremely responsive & she worked with our team seamlessly across many different time zones which was a huge asset during our peak seasons."


"Courtney is one of the most committed, reliable Online Business Managers I have ever had the pleasure of working with!" 

"Her attention to detail, systems/process brain, & superb project management skills made it an absolute pleasure to have her on my team. Working with Courtney made a HUGE difference to my team & to the success of our clients – she used her analytical superpowers to streamline our processes, increase our profitability, & ultimately vastly improve our client experience. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone looking to 10x their business growth – she’s a rockstar!"


"Courtney was AWESOME to work with and was always on top of things! "

“She consistently got back to me in a timely manner, is incredibly professional and was able to execute and capture exactly what I needed for my business! The confidence I have in Courtney to provide the assistance I needed was second to none. Not only am I confident in her skills, but her customer service as well. I would absolutely recommend Courtney! 5 stars!”

Becky C.

"Courtney's help is invaluable!"

"I LOVE how great Courtney is at creating things on my website, how I can trust her to do things well and how professional her systems are. Courtney's help is invaluable.

Working with Courtney has definitely freed me up to be in my zone of genius more often and has allowed me to upgrade the way I run my business, create policies and act more like a CEO!"


Learn More About Me! 

I help business owners find joy in running their business again. From managing corporate projects to organizing my closet, I’ve seen first hand how creating systems makes the day run smoother. As a Certified OBM®, I’m thrilled to work with 7-figure online business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, Elite Daily, and Business Insider. And what I’ve helped create for those successful companies, I can do for you! 

I'm Courtney


My Story...

Online Business Management was a clear avenue for me but only after I unburied it from under the stack of papers in my 9-to-5 cubicle. I wanted something more from a career, so I launched Novus Collective to partner with startup rockstars and business owners who need processes, goal setting, and automation. My clients get to focus on building the business, not surviving it.

Sunny Destin, Florida is home, but you’ll find me exploring (and working) in Bali, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Switzerland...really anywhere with WiFi and a good coffee shop. I’m in love with beautiful planners, good coffee, and analytical data. Stop hustling alone and let’s build the business you want! 

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