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The Secrets You’re Missing To Facebook Ads With Expert Frannie Coggeshall

April 18, 2019

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If you’ve steered clear of paid Facebook advertising convinced the conversion rate isn’t worth the hassle, we’re here to reintroduce the idea in a new (money-making) way. The problem with the majority of Facebook ads is the oh-so-lacking creative. You must have strategy behind your Facebook ad, so we’ve partnered with Frannie Coggeshall, founder of Dazed Creative, a Facebook & Instagram advertising agency, for a Facebook ads 101 tutorial. If you’re ready to discover the secret behind strategic and creative Facebook and Instagram ads, read on powerhouse entrepreneur!


There are a number of social media platforms that now offer paid advertising, but you stay concentrated on Facebook. What led you to that platform specifically?

I actually do both Facebook & Instagram! Mainly because they’re owned by the same company and run on the same platform (a lot of people don’t know this!). What lead me to Facebook initially was just that at the time it was something everyone was using, yes there was Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. but those both have a little more specific audiences where FB is so much broader which made me think there was more potential.


It seems Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm affecting a business’ organic reach. How do algorithm changes affect the reach of Facebook ads?

As the platform grows it gets smarter. More data = more insights for the algorithm. This means that in the background the algorithm can find the people you’re looking for better. How I see this affecting advertisers is that there’s less we need to do technically and more we need to do creatively. We need to be more strategic about what we say, how we say it, and the visuals we use. Our products and offers need to be better than ever and we have to get our message across in a way that people understand because if they don’t align with what you’re sharing the algorithm will limit your reach, no matter how much you’re willing to pay.


You’ve built your success on using a creative strategy for Facebook ads. Is that to say the audience targeting, pixels and other “techy” aspects don’t matter?

No. This stuff matters a lot. If you don’t have your pixels installed right you can’t track anything that’s happening. Or if you’re targeting the wrong people, it doesn’t matter how good your message is, it won’t resonate. It’s just that we believe (and have seen) that creative is the most important thing. Any average person can install a pixel or target correctly after some Googling but the creative strategy is something that you can’t Google your way out of. You either know how to do it or you don’t. It can be learned over time and with experience but it’s certainly a skill that takes a lot more than a quick Google. And that’s what separates the good from the best in our industry. Plus we love it 🙂

Is there a specific spend or budget percentage that a small business should be investing in Facebook ads?

Unfortunately, no. It really depends on your business, product, and your goals. My biggest piece of advice on budget is to do your research and know what you’re getting into before you get started.

Lots of people think of FB & IG ads as an immediate gold mine and it’s just not that. It’s a traffic driver, meaning it will consistently bring people to you – the majority of the revenue you receive from those people is based on what you do outside of your ads. How much are you delivering value to the people once they’re introduced to you via an ad? Are you sharing organic content that will cause them to like, know, and trust you? Are you following up with emails? Does your funnel naturally lead them from first meeting you to purchase or is it a confusing path?

I know most people are looking for numbers though so here are some examples…

To get people to view a video, like your page, or check out your blog this can be pretty cheap. These all typically cost under $1, so you if you wanted 500 more likes a month you could start with a budget of $500. But think about what those likes will really do for you? Are you going to be really active on your FB page and nurture that audience? Is it better to wait a bit until you’re able to afford to ask people for their email and save the $500 for that? Make sure you’re super clear on your goal!

Speaking of emails, if you want to grow your email list and you’re an online service provider you can expect to pay somewhere around $2-5 per email. So think about how many emails you want to collect and what that might cost you before getting started. As with any campaign, consider if you’re ready to engage those leads enough so that they turn into purchases or if you’re just looking for more numbers on your list.

For those that have an online course, we recommend starting with $2,500/month in ad spend in addition to the monthly fee we charge to run the ads, plus its not just money there’s time involved as well so it’s a pretty decent investment to go all in.

I don’t share this to scare you because some of our clients spend $15K/month and get $40K back in revenue! So this stuff does work – but only if you’re willing to put in the work too 🙂

That was a long winded answer but I think it’s super important people are aware of the realities of investing in Facebook & Instagram ads.


We read that just under 30 percent of businesses on Facebook use Facebook ads. Are Facebook ads an underutilized tool for online and traditional businesses?

No, I don’t think so. There’s actually A LOT of competition out there and like I mentioned in the last question, you really need to be ready to achieve success.


Why do most startup or business owners veer away from Facebook ads, if in your experience, they’re so successful for revenue growth?

Honestly, I think a lot of people talk about being ‘burned’ by trying them so it discourages others. Facebook & Instagram ads CAN be successful in the right situation but they definitely aren’t always so successful.

The right situation is when someone has a product or service that is proven, they have a proper funnel in place, they’re willing to nurture the traffic that comes their way from ads, and of course, they build a strong FB & IG campaign strategy.


Have you found that Facebook ads are most effective when supported by other marketing outlets, like PPC, email marketing, and content marketing or, if done correctly, have the power to stand alone?

I think that ads are most successful when supported by other marketing efforts.

Pretend like you had a storefront (if you’re an online business) – if you had someone outside on the road with a big sign leading people in your doors, would you hold that person responsible for the number of sales that were made? No, of course not, he’s just the ‘traffic driver’.

For your online business, Facebook & Instagram are your traffic drivers. To make the most out of the traffic that comes your way you need good email to follow up, good content going out, good customer service, etc.


The average clickthrough rate for Facebook ads across all industries is 0.99 percent, which seems pretty low. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see being made in Facebook ads?

The biggest mistake people make with their FB & IG ads is not knowing their audience well enough and not sharing the right message that attracts them AKA messing up the creative strategy. As a business owner it’s really hard to articulate the value you deliver it takes time to really nail this and if you’re not there yet you should focus on this before you run ads.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to small- and medium-sized business owners when it comes to Facebook ad creation?

Great question! I think doing research is the biggest piece of advice I can offer. If you want to benefit from the amazing things FB & IG ads can do for your business – take them seriously. Research old school marketing principles (marketing hasn’t changed, but the channels in which you advertise have), find some FB  Ad podcasts to listen to, follow some people in the industry on social media, take a class, hire people to help you. It’s an investment for a reason – it’s hard – so put in the effort it deserves and you’ll have the best chance for success!


How do you see Facebook advertising changing in the future?

I think I’d be sitting on a gold mine if I knew the answer to this! No, but really I think the platform will accept less and less ‘junk’- the algorithm is getting so smart that if people don’t like your ads you’re just not going to be able to compete. I feel like a broken record but continue to work on your message and your creative strategy. Continue to learn more about marketing, funnels, and building a successful business and you’ll be on the right track. When you have these things down FB & IG ads are the amplifiers of that!


If people want to reach out to you to learn more about growing their reach through Facebook and Instagram advertising, where should they start?

Three ways:


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