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August 3rd, 4th, 5th at 1pm CST

Our 3-Day Challenge for online coaches who want the strategy + tools to go from being knee-deep in messy tasks & chaotic to-dos to sipping a spicy marg on the beach because their biz is running like a lean, streamlined machine.

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What Are We Covering?

Day 1

Stop wasting your precious time and use our strategy to pinpoint the EXACT tasks you need to be doing in your business (and what ones to throw the hell away!).

Day 2

Actionable steps to take all of those day-to-day things and turn them into an organized get-shit-done process for running your biz so that you can get back to your life OUTSIDE of work.

Day 3

Take those newfound strategies and apply them to your clients, your launches, and your team. YOUR life starts when your systems do. 

ROI Method

R: Recurring
O: Organizing
I: Integrating

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How long will the homework take to complete?

Totally depends on your biz! Day 1 & 2 will take on about 1 hour, Day 3 will be a bit of a bigger project!

Do I HAVE to attend all three days?

You don't HAVE to, but we highly recommend it. Each day is going to build on the previous and for the best results, it's key to attend all three!

Do you review our homework? 

Yes! We will have a form for you to fill out where you will have the chance to be a featured hot seat on the next call!

I'm not a coach is this for me? 

Yes! This will be geared toward coaches, but ANY service-based business will walk away with actionable steps

What if I can’t attend live? 

No problem! Replays will be sent out, BUT you won't be entered into the giveaways. You must attend live to qualify for the giveaways.

How long will each day last? 

Each day you will receive 45 minutes of training with 15 minutes at the end for Q+A! At the very end, you will also receive an actionable homework assignment to complete before the next training!

Common Qs and As:

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