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I help business owners find joy in running their business again. From managing corporate projects to organizing my closet, I’ve seen first hand how creating systems makes the day run smoother. As a Certified OBM®, I’m thrilled to work with 7-figure online business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, Elite Daily, and Business Insider. And what I’ve helped create for those successful companies, I can do for you! 




Becca is a Denver, Colorado based Freelance Writer, Author, and Social Media Manager with a deep love for creativity. Becca was a writer for Thought Catalog and wrote over 750 articles totaling over 23 million page views and edited hundreds of articles that garnered over 3.6 million page view. She has also worked on ad campaigns for companies like eBay, Bumble and Brita. Some of Becca's favorite things (in no particular order) are mountains, dogs, ice cream, hiking, coffee shops, breakfast, traveling, pine trees, slippers, Shameless, the PNW, self-improvement, and going to bed early.  




Bri is our virtual administrative assistant/project manager and owner of The Raxx Creative Virtual Assistant. After years of managing high volume clients in the retail, medical, and entrepreneurial fields, Bri started her company to allow her more flexible hours and the chance to channel her gifts. The Raxx Creative allowed Bri to not only work from home with flexible hours, but also allowed her to time to manage her growing family of 3. Her family is vibrant and full of energy and is the place that she devotes herself fully. In addition to nurturing her home life, Bri also manages to coach 2 dance teams in the Louisiana area and competes with them nationally. In her quiet hours, you can find her creating movement, spending time with her loved ones, or listening to her newest oldie but goodie album on her record player, unless it’s 7am and her alarm is telling her that her “priority” is her early morning workout, which she strives to complete everyday. 



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