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I help business owners find joy in running their business again. From managing corporate projects to organizing my closet, I’ve seen first hand how creating systems makes the day run smoother. As a Certified OBM®, I’m thrilled to work with 7-figure online business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, Elite Daily, and Business Insider. And what I’ve helped create for those successful companies, I can do for you! 




Becca is a Pinterest strategist and copywriter who will ignite your business. She works with entrepreneurs, creatives, and general business badasses who are ready to bring in fiery hot leads from the world’s second-largest search engine (yes, Pinterest) — and then convert those leads into loads of sizzlin’ sales. 

When Becca isn’t growing her clients’ Pinterest accounts to thousands of new clicks each month, or writing copy that closes the deal, you can find her hiking the Colorado trails, growing veggies in her backyard, and taking waaaaaay too many photos of her dog Waylon.


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