How Gratitude Can Transform Your Relationship With Clients

November 19, 2018

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Make no mistake, no matter your business, the reason you exist is because of your clients. It’s easy to get caught up in projects, deadlines, and networking with prospects, but understanding the value of a “thank you,” will strengthen your relationship with clients beyond anything you can imagine.

It can be a somewhat challenging to walk the line between professionalism and offering a sincere thank you with a personal touch, so we’ve create a list of ways to show gratitude to your clients.


The Importance Of Gratitude

Gratitude. The dictionary says it’s a noun, but I’m challenging you to make it a verb. To be thankful or to feel appreciation is just the start. Expressing that gratitude is what can transform your relationship with clients. Not surprisingly, gratitude doesn’t just benefit the recipient. When you live in a space of gratefulness, your life is better (science proves it, I just happen to agree).

  • Build new relationships: A 2014 study published in Emotion found that simply thanking an acquaintance makes them more likely to want an ongoing relationship with you.
  • Have better health: Personality and Individual Differences published a study that found grateful people experience fewer aches and pains than others.
  • Improve your mental state: The act of showing gratitude eliminates symptoms of depression and increases happiness, according to gratitude researcher Dr. Robert A. Emmons.
  • Sleep better: Spending 15 minutes just before bed jotting down a few things (Write the Word journals are perfect as a gratitude journal) for which you’re grateful allows you to sleep better, reports Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being.


Being grateful and expressing your thankfulness for others doesn’t cost a thing. When you consider that the only investment you make is your time, yet you receive such deep benefits, the only question left is how do you get started?


How To Show Clients You’re Thankful

When saying “thank you” doesn’t feel like enough, try one of our favorite ways to show gratitude to a client.

1. Hand written note

In the age of email and text messages the art of a hand-written note can be forgotten. A simple thank you card is a welcomed interruption to any client’s day. Go beyond “thank you for your business.” Be specific with what you appreciate about the client.

2. Invitation to event

Whether you host an appreciation event or you receive passes to an end-of-the-year celebration, inviting a client is a great way to build the professional relationship and network.

3. Coffee (or wine)

Treat your client to a special brew for a mid-morning break or grab happy hour beverages after work.

4. Feature them on social media

Singing your client’s praises on social media not only shows your gratitude for their partnership, but it could also give them a boost in business.

5. Offer an added value service

For those loyal clients, say thank you by offering services above and beyond what they expect. Offering an unexpected bonus is a great way to show appreciation and keep them as a partner long-term.

Showing appreciation for a client not only keeps the relationship strong, but you benefit as well. What are some of your favorite ways to express gratitude to a client?


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