Top 4 Reasons ClickUp Is Our Favorite Project Management Tool

May 23, 2021

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As an entrepreneur, choosing a project management tool can be a daunting task. With so many platforms and tools out there, we totally get how overwhelming it can get.  

After years of experimenting with different project management tools, ClickUp has remained on top for Team EE. It has truly changed the game for my biz.

Here are our top 4 reasons why ClickUp is our favorite project management tool.

1. ClickUp Is Cost-Effective

Overall, ClickUp is a super cost-effective tool!

On top of it having more features, tools, and integrations than its competitors (Asana,, etc.), it’s also more cost-effective.

ClickUp has endless features and capabilities. They also release new features everything single Friday!!

By having more features, you get more for your money and can expect updates weekly.

2. ClickUp Offers A Lean System

With ClickUp, you have the ability to eliminate numerous tools in your biz. 

When it comes to systems, entrepreneurs have a ton of options for CRMs, Email Marketing Platforms, Form Platforms, and the list goes on. But just because we have them doesn’t mean we need to use all of them.

ClickUp’s features have allowed us on Team EE to condense down the number of tools and platforms we use! 

We have the ability to create forms in ClickUp (buh-bye Typeform), you can create tables (see ya, Airtable), and you can even embed ClickUp Docs in your projects that are living docs that eliminate your need for Google Docs!

ClickUp also has native automations which eliminates the need to use Zapier for everything. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zapier. But having the ability to automate within ClickUp is a game-changer for your biz.

3. ClickUp Is More Scalable

99% of us don’t start a biz to watch it stay stagnate; we want it to grow!

A big issue I see when clients come to me is that they grew really quickly without setting up systems to support that growth.

When they inevitably get stuck in the weeds running their business and are trying to get out of it, it takes committed time to pull them out! 

How do we avoid that? We prep for scaling with the tools we use on Team EE!

With ClickUp you’re actually able to customize your project’s design, fields, views based on the needs of your business!

So whether you are just starting to plan your business or you have been in your biz for 5 years, ClickUp is the perfect tool for you!

4. ClickUp Has Numerous Views

ClickUp has so many view options which makes it possible to view your biz in many different ways!

Here are some of our favorite views on Team EE:

  • List view: Whether you’re building a list of ongoing projects, leads to contact, or thing to accomplish in the day, ClickUp has a super easy-to-use list view.⠀⠀⠀
  • Board view: Board view allows you to visualize your tasks and move them along a pipeline by dragging and dropping.
  • Form View: ClickUp Forms eliminates the need for Google Forms or TypeForms!
  • Calendar view: ClickUp’s calendar view allows you to see all of your tasks in a calendar!
  • Doc View: ClickUp Docs eliminates the need to use Google Docs!
  • Dashboards: We love using Dashboards for time tracking! You can also use Dashboards as a personal hub for your clients!

ClickUp is a super intuitive project management tool that can be personalized for any business. It is also incredible to use at any point in your business. 

Are you ready to jump into ClickUp, but not sure where to start? Check out our shop to purchase ClickUp Templates to get you started!


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