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Pitch Email Template

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When do you use a pitch email? Great question! Here’s the short answer: If you sell a product or service, need donations to operate a non-profit, regularly make a call for volunteers, or generally want people to connect with your brand, you need a pitch email. The key, however, is perfecting your pitch email system […]

Why You Need A Pitch Email Template

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You have your automated business systems in place and templates to help guide you along the way, but what does your client onboarding process look like? While you’re finally able to come up for air from your 12-hour days with the implementation of the right systems and standard operating procedures, you want to ensure your […]

5 Questions To Help Evaluate Your Client Onboarding Process


Client Onboarding Process

The success you have with your clients strongly depends on your ability to offer speed, consistency, and high-quality work. Doing it over and over again helps you build referrals and grow your customer base. As clients become more aware of their options when it comes to selecting service providers, creating a quality experience isn’t a […]

How Templates Improve Client Experience



As COVID-19 (coronavirus) moves across cities in the U.S., more employers are sending their workers home to work remotely. Just under 30 percent of American workers have the ability to work from home, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, but far fewer have ever experienced regular remote work. While we’re big fans of […]

Video Conferencing Apps Remote Teams

Do you feel like you miss the sale with many of your prospective clients? Well, you do, actually. But research tells us so does everyone else. In fact, only about 3 percent of the prospects you come into contact with are ready to make a purchase within 30 days. Another 7 percent of your possible […]

4 Ways To Nurture Prospective Clients

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What your clients say about you matters, especially when it hits the internet. Roughly 91 percent of consumers read online reviews and client testimonials, with 84 percent of people trusting that online feedback as much as a personal recommendation from a friend. As you strategize about how to use client testimonials and their benefits, it […]

Types Of Client Testimonials And Their Benefits

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The Return On Investment (ROI) from your current clients far out weighs your attempts to gain new ones. That’s not to say you shouldn’t market to prospects and have a plan to gain more clients, it just means the majority of your time and budget should be spent on nurturing relationships with current clients. It […]

Have you ever completed a project for a client only to keep receiving emails about needing minor changes or wanting a tutorial about how to use the newly installed platform? Suddenly, a project that was supposed to take two weeks has stretched into a month-long ordeal. You want to help the client. You want to […]

Why Use A Goodbye Packet In Client Offboarding Process


As an Online Business Manager, or project manager of your own company, you need to know how to create a project proposal. Your prospective clients may be speaking to a few companies, debating which they’ll choose for their desired service. Your project proposal is a chance to stand out, grab your client’s attention, and clearly […]

How To Create A Project Proposal That Gains More Clients

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Project Proposal

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