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Balance Beyond your Business

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Hear me out, quarterly meetings are not a waste of time. Honestly, it took me a hot minute to implement them in my own business, but even when I was a solopreneur, they proved to be a total game-changer.  Quarterly planning meetings help get you out of that reactive mode and more into that proactive […]

How To Plan A Quarterly Meeting

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Today we are giving you our three best tips to audit your biz and systematically improve the internal management of your business. Let’s be real, we all try so hard to make our business perfect from the start, yet we constantly forget to continually be implementing product + business improvement as we scale. We do […]

3 Tips To Audit Your Biz

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Audit Your Biz

Welcome to Systems 101 where we are going to be taking a deep dive into systems. We need systems to successfully scale our biz and do it in a way that is sustainable for us. We want our businesses to scale to a point where we’re able to delegate and be able to not build […]

What Are Systems?


What are systems

REVEALED: How we are prepping for my maternity leave on Team EE! First I have to hype myself up, because this girl is starting to slowwwwww down. So, we’ve all been there (maybe not preggo and prepping for maternity leave), but prepping to take a vacation, take some time off… or have a baby, and […]

Prepping For Maternity Leave

Every morning you wake up, log on to your computer, and ask yourself, and wonder if it’s possible to run your business without being overwhelmed in the day-to-day tasks? Screw that. It’s so easy to fall into opening up your to-do list and marking off all those simple tasks, but at the end of the […]

4 Steps To Streamline Your Processes

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Streamline Your Processes

Okay, so you’ve got your biz platforms all set up and you’re ready to rock’n’roll… but you’re still doing everything manually. You’re manually adding your new clients to your project management tool, manually transferring your CRM contacts to your Email Marketing Tool, and manually chatting with your team through email. That’s where automations come in! […]

Automating Your Biz With Zapier

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Automating Your Biz

News flash! 2 out of 10 things on your to-do list will turn out to be worth more than the other 8 items in total! What we mean by this is that 20% of the tasks you’re doing contribute to 80% of your results. This idea is known as The Pareto Principle and using it […]

Pareto Principle

Bad news first: Did you know 75% of people abandon their carts online? But… there’s some good news, with an Abandoned Cart automation you can get on average 10% of them to come back and buy. Let’s be real, how many times have you gone to purchase a product only to forget that you put […]

How To Create An Abandoned Cart Automation

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Abandoned Cart Automation

Are you new to working online & confused by what the purpose of ALL the platforms + systems actually are? You’re probably overwhelmed before you even started, am I right?! Let’s set the scene — It’s 2021 and you’ve decided you want to work from home. (Not a single person will blame you for that… […]

5 Platforms To Streamline Your Biz


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