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I help business owners find joy in running their business again. From managing corporate projects to organizing my closet, I’ve seen first hand how creating systems makes the day run smoother. As a Certified OBM®, I’m thrilled to work with 7-figure online business owners who have been featured in Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, Elite Daily, and Business Insider. And what I’ve helped create for those successful companies, I can do for you! 

I'm Courtney


My Story...

Online Business Management was a clear avenue for me but only after I unburied it from under the stack of papers in my 9-to-5 cubicle. I wanted something more from a career, so I launched Novus Collective to partner with startup rockstars and business owners who need processes, goal setting, and automation. My clients get to focus on building the business, not surviving it.

Sunny Destin, Florida is home, but you’ll find me exploring (and working) in Bali, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Switzerland...really anywhere with WiFi and a good coffee shop. I’m in love with beautiful planners, good coffee, and analytical data. Stop hustling alone and let’s build the business you want! 

I am determined to be someone who no one thought I could be, including myself, at times. Here’s what I know for sure, the road to success is simple, but it is not easy. And I’m discovering that it’s constantly changing.

I see you. The super-motivated, creative spirits scouring online job-postings, linking up with prospective employers on social media and updating your resume with each new skill learned. 

Like you, I spent a lot of time going from corporate position to position, waiting on the perfect job to come along. I was searching for a space that would allow me to showcase my skills (while I was still discovering exactly what those were). 

Finally, after searching, applying and waiting,

My Story

it hit me...

If I wanted the perfect-fit job for me, I was going to have to create it. 

On my journey of the unknown, uncharted and largely unprepared, I found my joy and talent. What’s better, I found that a lot of people were traveling the same path. Powered by coffee and and new-found confidence, I turned my side gig into a full-time hustle, and my passion is helping business owners do the same.

If you know it’s time to escape the daily grind and reconnect with the passion of running your business again, one conversation sets you in the right direction. Let’s chat!

If you’re wading in the waters of trying to find the joy in running your business again. Please reach out and let's chat.

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nightinggale by kristin hannah

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vanilla cold brew

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5. Travel Spot

positano, italy!

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6. Fav Planner

day designer

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8. Yoga Pose

savasana (duh!)

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lululemon + nike

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The Sound of Music! Yes, I even went on the film locations tour in Salzburg, Austria!

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in Interlaken, Switzerland!

I jumped out of a gondola..


support system I could ever ask for!

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ASana, all the way!


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Google Drive

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