6 Steps To Organize The Recurring Tasks In Your Biz

April 4, 2021

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It’s time to finally step away from the Post-It’s System and start saving your precious time by implementing systems to help you organize your recurring tasks.

Recurring tasks are everyday business tasks that happen on a regular basis. They make up the core set of activities that keep your biz running. Not having a systemized way of organizing these recurring tasks can put you and your team in chaos.

Organizing the tasks in your biz can be daunting. So we are here to help you break down your recurring tasks so you can step into your CEO role and lead your biz.

Step 1: Write Out Your Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are the ones that you are used to doing every day and don’t find yourself forgetting to get them done. If you time block your calendar, then you already know what you have for the day!

These tasks are things like checking your emails, replying to comments on Instagram, and checking your client messages.

Step 2: Write Out Your Weekly Tasks

Weekly tasks are the ones that you probably repeat on specific days of the week! For example, on Team EE, our team members have a task every Friday to update the weekly Monday meeting agenda.

These tasks are things like sending project updates to your clients, drafting your weekly email, and updating social media metrics.

Step 3: Write Out Your Monthly Tasks

Monthly tasks are the ones that if not systemized properly, will slip through the cracks of your biz. Monthly Tasks include writing + scheduling out your content, tracking your expenses for the month, and analyzing your biz metrics.

Step 4: Write Out Your Quarterly Tasks

Quarterly tasks include backing up your email list from ActiveCampaign, hosting quarterly vision meetings, and making any updates to your website.

Step 5: Write Out Your Annual Tasks

Annual tasks include updating all company passwords, sending holiday gifts/cards to clients & team members, and mapping out your launch calendar.

Step 6: Implement Your Tasks In Your Project Management Tool!

After you have gathered all of the recurring tasks in your biz, it is time to systemize them in your Project Management tool! On Team EE, we are obsessed with ClickUp and use it to manage everything. 

ClickUp allows you to easily set recurring tasks by using legacy recurring due dates. You can also assign tasks to your team and communicate on project status through comments!

ClickUp has the ability to streamline your biz and organize your recurring tasks so you can focus on moving the needle forward.

If you’re ready to jump into systemizing your biz but are not sure where to start, check out my course The Elevated System to take your biz from scattered to scaleable!


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