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3 Unexpected Skills Every OBM Needs

November 26, 2018

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You may assume to be a great Online Business Manager you need to have strong organization and multi-tasking skills (and you’re not wrong). But dig deeper. There are characteristics you’re going to need when demands from clients start pouring in, your third cup of coffee hasn’t hit yet, and you start questioning if you’re cut out for the entrepreneurial path of being an OBM.

Succeeding as an OBM means you’re not only running your business with confidence but you’re tasked with being the decision maker for several other businesses across many niches. Knowing other rockstar startup owners are counting on you to implement systems, make their teams more productive and ultimately increase revenue should light a fire within you.

People are counting on you. And you have the answers.

Whether you stumble through your first few clients or set sail smoothly, becoming a 5-star-review-worthy OBM means you’re going to need more than technology and caffeine. We’ve found that no matter the organization or how many systems you implement, there are three skills you must possess to find lasting success as an OBM.


No matter your long-term plans, whether you want to be a top-notch OBM that businesses throng after, or you want to help others develop their skills and become certified OBMs, you must know how and when to make a decision. There will be moments when a decision is needed immediately and in other situations, you’ll have time to digest the information and develop a planned response.

A lack of insight into a particular topic is the number one reason intelligent people (like you) make bad decisions. Never stop learning. Whether it’s a new app, a seminar, or online class – immerse yourself in what you need to know to be efficient and effective. Have the power to make a decision and own it.

Pro Tip: Not every decision should feel like brand new territory. Begin to notice trends and solutions that work for clients, so when you’re faced with a similar situation in the future, you can make a more informed, faster decision.


You do not have to follow in anyone’s footsteps to be a great OBM – or artist, chef, or engineer for that matter – but you’ll save yourself a few headaches if you understand what came before and why it did or didn’t work. Study the industries you work in, speak with company veterans, and learn from the attempts of those before.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Well said, Mr. Edison.

Now, learn from the thousands of theories, strategies, and practices that have not worked and find new ways to solve problems. Do not rehash ideas that are proven not to work.


We believe strongly that you should never bring a problem to the table if you’re not also ready to deliver a possible solution. Being innovative doesn’t mean you have to develop a mobile app that pours wine (although we’re totally in if you do). To be innovative is to have the ability to solve problems in new ways, typically with fewer resources than anyone else.

When you’re working with clients, being innovative also means you consider the owner’s needs. Anticipate their concerns and have a solution before it’s even presented as a hurdle.

There are many skills needed to be a great OBM, and while these three top our list, they certainly don’t exhaust it. Another pertinent skill you’ll need to have as you grow your team is the art of delegation. Knowing when and which tasks to hand off will help you achieve more in your week. Need some help handing off part of the responsibility? We have a totally free delegation workbook for you to download.


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